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1986 - 1987 Fleer Michael Jordan Chicago Bulls #57 SWEET CARD!!

1986  1987 Fleer Michael Jordan Chicago Bulls 57 SWEET CARD
Auction Details:
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18 Aug 2016
Seller Location
Jacksonville, Florida

Item Description

I'm selling my collection prior to moving overseas to Australia by December and need the money so all sales are final. All my items must go, so you will see ungraded/graded cards etc. Up for bid is a 1986-1987 Fleer Michael Jordan rookie card. The card is ungraded so I am selling this as unknown but believe it is an original, but please view the photos for yourself. As per research below you can compare the pics to the info provided and bid accordingly. This would grade real high via BGS or PSA! • The color on the front of the card matches the colors shown on the original. Reprints often appear to have darker colors on the front. • The Fleer logo in the front right corner is clear and readable, and the arrow underneath appears light gold. Reprints are usually discolored in this area or blurry and the arrow that is suppose to be light gold appears orange. • On the back of the card the text is clear and visible for the Fleer logo in the left corner. Reprints usually are blurred here as well. • The bull appears clear although slightly faded and the eyelids are visible. With Reprints the bull is faded on multiple spots a lot of the time and the eyelids are not printed on the bull. • The dot between the AVG for points is shown for each year on this card. A big issue with Reprints is almost all of them are missing that dot between the average points per game and will appear as 27 2 instead of 27.2 etc.. • In the bottom right corner the basketball is readable (NBA) and a hint of lines can be seen to see that it is a basketball. On Reprints the basketball looks like a dark circle and the NBA text is not as visible or readable.. • PLEASE NOTE: Information provided I am not responsible for this item once you pay for it and it is shipped out to you. You are to be aware of what you are buying. I do not claim that this is the REAL Michael Jordan rookie card however I believe it is based on the facts above. This is a beautiful card and looks to be an original to our eyes. • ALL SALES ARE FINAL • NO RETURNS ACCEPTED